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Bella Boutique Transforms Prom Dreams into Reality


Going to your high school prom seems like a given if you watch the movies.  Whether it’s the horrific scenes from ‘Carrie’, the hilarious takeouts from ‘Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion’ or the most classic prom film of all time, ‘Pretty in Pink’, prom seems to make its way onto center stage as the culmination of high school for anyone and everyone.

But the sad reality is that fewer and fewer teens are attending high school prom these days.  A recent VISA study cited an average cost of $1,078 for a teenager to attend prom!  For those who are lucky enough to have the income to pay for such an expense, the price is still rattling.  But for many, this cost is simply too high and the idea of prom is nothing more than a dream that will never be fulfilled.

Here at Bella Boutique, we are looking to put a stop to that.  For teenagers living in the Denver area, we don’t want prom to be celebrated at home in front of an old movie.  We want every teenager out there on that dance floor cutting it up without worrying about the staggering cost of a prom gown, hairdo, jewelry and more.  By working alongside area high schools, we are able to provide teenagers within a 1-hour radius of Denver with a personal shopping experience to choose the gown of their dreams, shoes, jewelry and even make an appointment for a free hair do on the big day.

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