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Bella Boutique is the Denver Metro area’s only non-profit that provides area teens with free gowns, shoes, accessories and more for their high school dances.   Our organization not only provides hundreds of evening gowns each year to teens within a one-hour radius of downtown Denver, but is also the area’s only non-profit that provides each girl with a personal shopping experience to ensure that picking the dress of her dreams is a day she will never forget!

Bella Boutique believes that every teen should be able to attend their high school events, regardless of their ability to pay.  High school dances are a milestone in every teen’s life – money shouldn’t hold them back!



Bella Boutique Offerings

Free Prom Dress

Personal Stylist

Free Accessories

Once in a Lifetime Experience

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Whether you need a dress, want to attend one of our events or wish to help, we want to hear from you!